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Zebra Jasper Acorn

Zebra Jasper Acorn

If you lead a very active and physical lifestyle, Zebra-Stone will increase your physical endurance and boost your physical energy.


This is also a stone that will give physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, just like Prehnite.

It will help you connect to Mother Earth and to the never-ending flow of universal love.

Zebra-Stone will also focus on your creative energies.

It will show you how you can manifest your life’s desires by employing creative and imaginative thinking.

It’s a stone that will support you in all levels of creative pursuits.

It will encourage you to stay creative in thoughts, words, and actions.

It will give you a strong sense of security and stability. It will make you feel safe, and it will ward off all unwanted negative energies.

The energies of Zebra-Stone will also keep you centered and grounded. This stone holds energies of balance, which means that it can unite your masculine and feminine energies, your Yin and Yang.

Zebra-Stone will also balance your chakras, as well as your physical, emotional, intellectual, and etheric bodies.

It’s a stone that will make you see and understand your exact nature, and it will help you recognize which ones are false impressions.

Zebra-Stone will protect your aura and ensure that you are safe from harmful psychic attacks.


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