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Trolleite Cupcake

Trolleite Cupcake

Trolleite and it’s sister minerals (Scorzalite and Lazulite) are all stones that engage your upper chakra system, promoting a divine connection between you and your higher self.

As one’s consciousness and awareness begins to expand and ascend, significant symbolic events will begin to stand out to your newly awakened third eye. Such events can be extremely minute and last seconds, but have a stinging effect on the brain and body. Something small and normally unacknowledged by the brain can hold such strong meanings, ultimately changing your entire way of thinking.

This “new” head on your shoulders will work towards maintaining clarity of the mind, allowing your soul to forge a connection to the universe. Through dimensional travel, one will have the opportunity to understand the secrets of life and the purposeful reason for your place on Earth.

Astral Projection

This astral projection of your potent consciousness is only achievable through the complete relaxation of the body, mind, and spirit. This holy trinity becomes much more achievable when able to meditate and channel high amounts of external energy. Trolleite is one of the most unique stones we know of for just that purpose.

Try meditating with this stone directly over your third eye chakra, with other amplification crystals of the pineal gland (Phenacite, Herkimer Diamond, Fluorite, Moldavite, Quartz). Overtime and through constant repetition, one will have discovered a secret formula to help decalcify the most important parts of our unused brain.


For anyone looking to further channel the energies of Trolleite, try placing a piece right beside your bed or pillow. This practice will not only allow you to harness the energies of this ascension stone, but to also become more comfortable with it’s extremely potent energies.


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