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Strawberry Calcite Point

Strawberry Calcite Point

Calcite is generally grounding and joyful, and connects you to your inner wisdom. But strawberry calcite is special because it resonates with both the heart and base chakras, and is known as a potent energy cleanser, as well as an enhancer of sexual and creative energies. Strawberry calcite clears emotional blockages, elevates the spirit, and solaces depression. It awakens your motivation and willpower, and helps the bearer to rid themselves of any lazy, unproductive tendencies. This unique shade of calcite is sure to bring positive energy into your space, your determination, and your sexuality.

Grounding - Energizing - Vitality
Red Calcite is very energizing and detoxifying stone. Root Chakra stone, that helps rejuvenate and revitalize the entire physical body.
- Reduces stress & hypertension, soothes imbalances which bring on fatigue & exhaustion and helps activate inner reserves of energy
- Brings stability to one's will and increases inner strength, assists with problem solving, helps ease and release fear - calming over-stimulation of adrenaline caused by fear and can be very helpful for those who feel like they must "battle" in their daily lives.
- Helps center and ground energy
- Releases negative emotions and helps one feel emotionally protected
- Attracts love, passion and sensuality

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