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Stillbite Cluster

Stillbite Cluster


Spiritual Healing Properties

Stilbite has a very soft, gentle energy which helps us calmly shift into balance and alignment. It calms our mind and heart, helping us to move more in accordance with our true spiritual nature. Stilbite encourages us to dream more, both while awake and during sleep, and to let go of any negative attachment to the word “impossible.” Stilbite reveals that all things are possible when we are connect to the Divine. It aids us in spiritual journeying, helping us to feel supported, protected, and guided as we grow and learn.

Emotional Healing Properties

Stilbite has a quiet and joyful energy that brings us self-confidence and peace of mind. It is extremely supportive and can calm anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. It helps us to slow down and think clearly, taking life one step at a time, rather than trying to hold the entire big picture all at once. Stilbite helps us to face our fears and to be honest with ourselves and others, when we are going through a difficult time. Stilbite takes care of our heart, healing it and helping it to expand and blossom. It also helps us to seek out good people, who can support us and help us grow. It does this so gently and easily that it happens almost without our being aware of it, until one day, we look around at our life and just marvel at how good it is!

Mental Healing Properties

Stilbite is a wonderful stone for the mind, helping us to feel mentally balanced and clear-headed. It is especially good to work with when we feel overwhelmed by choices and need to make a decision. Stilbite banishes fear and lovingly reminds that we will make the best possible decision based on the currently available information. It counsels us that regardless of which path we choose, we are sure to learn something valuable along the way. When we don’t know what to do next or how to start a project, Stilbite can help us to simply pick a corner and start! Stilbite is an exceptionally good stone for new entrepreneurs who are just beginning to build their business. It increases creativity and helps us to stay grounded and focused.

Physical Healing Properties

Stilbite is said to help calm ADHD and ADD and to treat bipolar swings. Metaphysical healers most often use it to treat brain disorders and to gently heal the body when it needs especially soft care. It is also believed to help detoxify the body and increase our sense of taste!

  • Just so you know...

     All information about the metaphysical properties of the Crystals is for reference only. It is a combination of research on how the Crystals have been used by different cultures today and throughout history and my own personal experience.

    Crystals are different for everyone, there is no guarantee how they will affect your energy.

    We do not recommend using Crystals as substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment and do not claim they treat or cure medical conditions. Please always listen to the advice of your medical professionals and only use Crystals as a complimentary therapy in addition to medical treatment.


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