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Selenite raw pendant

Selenite raw pendant

Selenite Bowl

(Satin Spar, part of the same Gypsum Family as Selenite)

The 'Stone of Centering', helps the being to center the self whether within the mind, body or spirit, as well as helping an exact source of energy to be centred where desired. 
It is very pure and harmonious stone. It touches and helps the being where it is most called upon, supporting the mind, body and spirit. A stone that is filled with light and much magic, gypsum attracts many positive energies towards itself, and towards its keeper. This is the perfect stone to help the being to connect with the magic and energy within, as well as for connecting with the spiritual self. It infuses the soul of its keeper with that of love and that of light.

It is great for cleansing crystals, removing energy from your aura and rooms 💗

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