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Scolecite Double Point

Scolecite Double Point

Scolecite is one of the high vibration crystals, that facilitates deep inner peace and spiritual transformation and is excellent when you can't sleep! It is a strong stone to aid communication, especially with spirit. It is wonderful crystal to aid you to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Useful to help aid restful sleep it is very beneficial to place a tumble stone under your pillow.

It is a stone that awakens the heart as it has a strong resonance within the chakras from the heart up.

Once you have used it you will appreciate the wonderful gifts that it brings into your life.

This lovely crystal helps you to bring the things that you desire into your life, as it helps you to take control of your life.

Where Is It From? Scolecite Meaning

This lovely crystal has been found in India and Iceland. It forms in thin vertical striated prismatic crystals, in massive form and in nodules.

Although it's color is commonly white, it can also be colorless and there are some less common pink, salmon, red and yellow stones.

Scolecite Aids Restful Sleep, Inner Peace & Transformation.

The unique look of these crystals marks them clearly for what they are.

The meaning of this crystal's name relates to the Greek word meaning 'a worm', referring to its propensity to curl when heated.

Why Would You Use It?

This lovely stone resonates completely with the third eye chakra. Yet unlike some of the more intense stones that affect the third eye, it is gentle and calming as it makes contact

The sweet sublime contact with spirit that one feels, makes this a wonderful stone for the crown chakra too.

When you hold this white crystal in your hand you will feel a deep calming energy flow through your entire being.

From the moment you first use it you can understand the advantages it will bring into your life.

This white crystal embodies a deeply spiritual love, that will flow through you when you first experience the energy of this stone.

Scolecite Stones

It is the most profoundly peaceful stone, allowing you to make contact easily with spirit and your higher self. Its energy is instant and deeply restful with a vibration that is akin to the feeling of love.

It gently and peacefully awakens both the heart chakra and the deeper thymus chakra, also known as the higher heart chakra.

How To Use It

The high vibration of this white stone, and its connection with the heart, makes it one of the most powerful high crystal energy stones.

Own one, use it, decide to transform your life. The possibilities for personal transformation within both your spirituality and health are boundless.

It is known that Scolecite is a powerful stone to aid the healing of bruises. Keep it close to you for as long as possible each day to aid its action.

If you have a skin cream you use to rub on your bruises, it may be beneficial to hang a piece off the bottle to help the cream to absorb the healing energy of this crystal.

They are known to help disorder of the lungs.

How Will It Help You?

This stone within your aura all day is beneficial, as it may help to prevent anxiety and the build up of stress.


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