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Sardonyx Palmstone

Sardonyx Palmstone

Wondering how Sardonyx will benefit your life? There are a number of ways that it will help you including:

Sardonyx supports discipline, willpower, motivation and strength of character, and has a helpful energy to improve your self control. 
It is known to be a good stone for anyone studying or for those that work in a job where you require mental disciple to focus on the task at hand.
These are beneficial healing crystals for you to use as they have a very protective vibration.

Their energy creates a strong grounding action through the earth star chakra and the base or root chakra. 
Spiritual grounding is well known for its action to assist you to return energetically back to earth after spiritual work.
This is a crystal that stimulates happiness as it embodies an energy that boosts happiness, optimism and self confidence

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