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Salmon Aragonite

Salmon Aragonite

Aragonite holds a beautiful calming, centering and grounding energy. It helps you put things into perspective, have more patience and stabilize emotionally. It holds the energy of truth and understanding.

It will teach you how to be more generous, kind and sensitive toward others. It reminds you that whatever you put out to the universe is what you will attract back.

This is why it is known as the stone of well being that invites abundance, prosperity, and peace into your life.

When you have decisions to make, sit quietly with your Aragonite and invite it to help you see all perspectives and options in a calm and peaceful way.

Aragonite sends out light energy in all directions. In the egg form it is great for birthing, transformation and starting something new, especially a new way of being and changing your current reality.

Just keep in mind that it can also raise suppressed emotions that need a release. We need to feel to heal and move forward.

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