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Russian Flower agate heart

Russian Flower agate heart

These are beautiful and unusual Flower Agate points from Russia, a really unusual piece for your collection. These don't have the translucency of the more usual Flower Agates but the patterns are just as beautiful, if not more so and much more unusual.

All Agates have the ability to help you stay balanced when travelling, not just in your mind but in body and spirit. It does not just mean physical travelling but that is an important area, but when travelling your life path also. Agate can help you to centre and realign and when realigned negative behaviours can be minimised and you will no longer feel rushed or overwhelmed. It reminds you to learn to say “no” to people and situations which may prevent you from spreading yourself too thinly and the stress and worry that it can cause. I've found this has a beautiful energy, capable of igniting in one the drive and passion to pursue your dreams, which of course makes it ideal for anyone starting a business or a new stage of their life.


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