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Rose Quartz Runes

Rose Quartz Runes

Healing properties of Rose Quartz
1. Opens the Heart Chakra  
The heart chakra is located in the middle of the chest. The stone can help to unblock toxins that might be present in the heart chakra, which can lead to the release of anger, pain, childhood trauma, neglect, lack of love, and low self-esteem. It also soothes negative thoughts. ​
2. Promotes Self-Love 
To receive love, one must love herself or himself first. One cannot fully love another when there is a lack of love for the self. First and foremost, a rose quartz will help you love yourself, allowing you to engage in behaviours that benefit you first, before the people around you. When you love yourself, you are able to receive love with no doubts, apprehensions, and tension. ​
3. Spiritual Healing  
One of the most surprising benefits of rose quartz is how it helps to ease the transition of grief. When you lose someone you love, having a rose quartz by your side or on your body will help to make the transition easier. 
The crystal can also help to heal emotional wounds, eliminate fear and anxiety, and restore peace into your life. In this case I would suggest keeping rose quartz in your purse.​
4. Physical Healing Energy​
Aside from the spiritual, mental, and emotional healing properties of the gem, it also promotes a number of physical healing properties. Let’s take a look at the ailments and symptoms that can be alleviated with the use of rose quartz: 
headaches and migraines 
kidney and spleen issues 
circulatory problems 
thymus, heart, and lung issues 
throat problems 
sexual dysfunction 

Rose quartz can also help to alleviate skin problems, such as wrinkles, dry skin, and even varicose veins. It is also believed that the rose quartz can help to keep individuals to look younger. 

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