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Pyrite Yoga Lady

Pyrite Yoga Lady

The spiritual healing powers of pyrite are wonderful for improving spiritual focus and clarity of perceptions. It pulls high-frequency energy into the body which stimulates a desire for action, enhances creativity and helps one recognize their own potential. This is an excellent stone for people who want to become more active in charitable endeavors and make a difference in their community.

Guardian Angels are not particularly drawn to pyrite; however, other types of Angels are drawn to the golden crystals. Following are the Angels who are attracted to pyrite and the shade of pyrite they favor:

Medium gold pyrite crystals attract Amutiel, Gabriel, Schelachel and Uriel.
Dark gold pyrite attracts Ergediel, Risnuch, Ruchiel and Samael.
Pale gold pyrite is attractive to Chassan and Rampel.
Pyrite crystals impart Earth and Fire energies in Feng Shui. Place a pyrite mirror, figurine or bowl of tumble stones in the northeast and southwest areas of your home for Earth energy. This type of energy is connected with areas of love, relationships, knowledge and skills. When placed in areas used for resting, it will provide a sense of protection and safety. Putting pyrite in the south area of a home will provide Fire energy. It will bring Yang energy, warmth, enthusiasm and a sense of action. Pyrite used for Fire energy also improves ones standing and reputation within the family and the community.


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