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Pink Tourmaline Freeform

Pink Tourmaline Freeform

Natural pink tourmaline has a unique and profound connection to the heart. We’re not talking about heart space: we’re referring to the heart itself, which is that physical, beating organ that keeps us alive and kicking.

Usually it’s green crystals that work closely with the heart zone, but this pink entity is particularly effective for anyone who is seeking physical healing of the heart itself. Recovery from a heart attack, cardiac disease and other ailments in this area are facilitated by pink tourmaline.

What’s more, pink tourmaline has shown to offer balance in terms of brain chemistry. Those suffering from chemical imbalance in the brain tend to struggle with their mental health, so pink tourmaline may prove to be a vital ally for these individuals.

Pink Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties

This is a highly caring stone, one that works through determination and unfounded commitment. There are few stones that understand unconditional love the way pink tourmaline does.

If you struggle with the emotions of anger and/or resentment, pink tourmaline will calm your woes and guide you into a more gentle place of forgiveness and unity. It offers meditation and reflection in all circumstances that may create a divide between you and other entities.

In the world of metaphysics, pink is the color of new love, friendships and the emergence of new relationships (be they romantic or platonic).

If you suffer from insomnia, it can be beneficial to sleep with a piece of pink tourmaline close to the head. This is particularly effective for children who battle to fall asleep on their own due to a racing mind and/or anxiety.

Pink Tourmaline Benefits

The biggest benefit one can gain from pink tourmaline’s qualities is perhaps that of improved, deeper connection to one’s true self. One that is not living in rage, unforgiveness and resentment, but one that knows all beings are simply a reflection of the self, thus deserving of relentless forgiveness and compassion.

It’s a profound journey to be taken on by such a simple stone, but it is a necessary journey for every entity walking this physical plane.

Further benefit lies in what actually happens when the physical body is freed of all of these negative frequencies. One becomes less susceptible to illness, and overall health is improved slowly, but surely.


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