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Petrified Wood log

Petrified Wood log

Petrified Wood

It comes from the Greek root petro, which means rock or stone, with literal meaning ‘wood turned into stone’.It’s the name given to the fossilized remains of terrestrial vegetation.Petrified Wood is the result of a tree turning into stone through the process of permineralization.Even when you’re filled with fear, panic, or anxiety, you will be grounded and stable because of its energies of calm.The earth energies present in this stone will calm your nerves and ease your fears. It will fill you with feelings of security, stability, and well-being.Petrified Wood is an ideal stone for meditation because it will guide you in knowing what’s important and what’s not. It will encourage you to stop obsessing about the things that you cannot control. It will remind you to accept things as they are, and not sweat the small stuff.When Petrified Wood connects to your root and third eye chakras, you will experience an increased sense of awareness and determination.It will be very beneficial for you to have Petrified Wood when you’re not sure how to cope with a certain difficult situation.The energies of Petrified Wood will give you stability and help you recognize the best solutions for your problems.It will give you the strength and courage to pursue them determinedly.


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