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 Moss Agate Point

Moss Agate Point

Moss Agate Emotional Healing

It enhances the mental function of a person by simply improving their concentration, awareness, and diagnostic abilities. It is also an anti-inflammatory stone that assists in healing infections, swelling, flu, colds, as well as reducing fever. It is useful for long-term sickness and revitalization.

It also helps in the recover of the immune system of a person, as it is thought to banish hypoglycemia and sunstroke. As a healing aid for the skin, Moss Agate also improves skin, fungal disease, and irritations. It also improves the sharpness of the senses as well as, the neuronal activity of the entire body.

It also helps to get rid of the person from depression caused by left-right brain disparity, as it increases intellectual function by enhancing awareness, and systematical capabilities. Moss Agate was said to be an anti-inflammatory stone that assists the person to treat several disease as much as possible.

Moss Agate Physical Healing

Moss Agate is truly helpful for the circulatory system, which regulates beat, and other heartbeat abnormalities. It helps buzzing in the ears. Using an Agate along the core of the chest fortifies the cardiac muscle of a person, and treats emotional discord. Moss Agate increases the digestive system at it heals gastritis.

It aids and eliminates all toxins within the body. Agate may also diminish the signs of epilepsy, and of course, for some other people, it protects them against sleepwalking. In addition to this, Moss Agate conveys inner peace, and strength to the emotional aspect and through the entire body.

Additionally, it is especially accommodating stone for those people who experience severe mood swings as well as those passionate due to their emotional drama in their lives. It also pacifies impulsive tempers, promotes tolerance, completeness, and inner peace, as well.

Moss Agate also helps the person to release deep-seated apprehension and depression, extending one’s individual space and development. It enhances a good self-image and fortifies positive character traits, which includes the capability of the person to get along with other people as much as possible.

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