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Morganite Agate Bracelet

Morganite Agate Bracelet

Morganite connects us to all the Great Forces of Love and Goodness in the Universe. It invites us to surrender to Love and to allow it to direct our course. It frees us from dogma and fanaticism which leads us astray and brings us closer to what is True and Real. Morganite teaches us that our strength is found in our tenderness and our courage is in our compassion. It protects us so that we dare to be vulnerable and open to receiving love and showing love to others. Morganite is a phenomenal stone for anyone who practices compassion-based meditation, taking on the suffering of others and sending them peace and healing. Morganite inspires a love of live and of all beings.

Emotional Healing Properties

Morganite is a wonderful love stone. It can be used to attract our soulmates as well as to nurture existing relationships so that they are long-lasting, healthy and happy. Morganite is particularly useful for anyone who has has suffered deep emotional trauma and/or grief. Morganite lifts away any pain that is lingering inside and helps us to process through heavy emotions and release them completely. It also shows us how to dissolve any conscious or subconscious resistance we may have to our own emotional healing and growth. Morganite brings us a feeling of peace, security, joy and a belief in our own inner-strength. It can help us to gently observe our own emotional patterns, particularly those that are fear or judgement based, and develop new patterns, based on love.

Mental Healing Properties

Morganite soothes the mind so that we can think clearly and determine the best course of action. It reduces chronic complaining and reminds us to take action to fix whatever is causing us irritation, or else to let it go. Morganite encourages us to think positively and constructive. It also teaches us to take responsibility for our own actions, words and thoughts. It dissolves feelings of helplessness and victimhood, and shows us a path forward to empowerment and peace. Morganite is also a fantastic stone to work with when we need to have a better work-life balance. Morganite teaches us to not take ourselves so seriously or to make our work the center of our lives. Instead, Morganite reminds us to take plenty of time to play and relax.

Physical Healing Properties

Morganite is used by metaphysical healers mainly to treat the heart. It is also said to benefit the nervous system and stress-related illnesses. It is additionally believed to help the lungs and to help with oxygenation at the cellular level. Metaphysical healers also use Morganite to treat asthma and tuberculosis.


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