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Lepidolite Tower

Lepidolite Tower

Lepidolite is often introduced as the rose coloured or lilac-grey hued mineral member belonging to the group oflepidolite pebble mica. This mineral bearing huge amount of lithium is also served as the secondary resource for lithium. Lepidolite naturally occurs in an array of shades varying from pink, purple, red, and occasionally grey and rarely colourless and even yellow. Lepidolite is commonly found in Madagascar, Brazil, Russia, United States, and Canada.

Getting its unique nomenclature from ‘lepidos’ - a Greek word meaning ‘scale’, lepidolite associates with the restoration of equilibrium and absolute harmony of the spirit, mind, and the body.  This lilac hued mineral has long been applied for its unique healing properties. Undoubtedly, an efficient mood stabilizer in the vast lepidolite free shapeuniverse of healing gemstones, lepidolite crystal is employed as a tool in anti-anxiety therapies. When you must calm your fiery emotions, it is time to invoke the energies of lepidolite for flawlessly balancing your soul and mind. This gentle gemstone is capable of stimulating every chakra, more specifically the third eye as well as the crown chakras as it dissolves the energy blockages holding you off from joy and true contentment.

Lepidolite: the transformational stone

Lepidolite is recognised as the ‘stone of transformation’. It aids in restoration and liberation of various profound psychological and behavioural patterns by introducing a fluid process of change. It ushers in emotional healing with much-needed tenderness while reducing depressive tendencies and stressful emotions.lepidolite sphere

It dispels negativity while insisting on being applied only for the greater well-being. Lepidolite activates the third eye chakra of intellect, the throat, and heart. It opens up, invigorates the crown chakra while clearing blocks and generating a complete cosmic awareness. Lepidolite also plays an important role in overcoming all possible types of mental and emotional dependency while supporting the procedure of releasing various addictions and mental uneasiness.

This gemstone encourages independence, self-love, and trust. Combining its quality of objectivity with the power of unhindered communication, lepidolite helps one to focus on exactly what is essential. Hence, it is also considered an excellent gemstone for lepidolite free shapesuccessful business pursuits.  

One of the key crucial aspects of lepidolite is power of clearing electromagnetic pollution. Lepidolite reinforces the immune system and soothes the nervous system. Lepidolite helps in relieving exhaustion and release of tension and its related disorders. Its capacity for addressing mood swings by creating a sense of complete awareness provides the much-needed guidance of thinking before taking any action.

How should you use lepidolite to improve your daily life?

Find your centre with the therapeutic lepidolite lavender stone. It will help ease the emotions of anxiety through its influence and stability. You can incorporate lepidolite in your daily meditation rituals to harness its healing power. Also, placing lepidolite crystals in around different parts around your home as well as wearing lepidolite ornaments are great ways to effectively access the calming flow of this stone’s peaceful vibrations

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