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Lavender Rose Quartz Palmstone

Lavender Rose Quartz Palmstone

Lavender Rose Quartz is an exquisite quartz variety with a soft pinkish color. It has been known to bring serenity, inner peace, and unconditional love. This makes it particularly great for connecting to the heart chakra and enhancing self-love simultaneously. This quartz is from the family of Lavender Quartz, and it carries similar qualities compared to Lavender Amethyst, such as relaxation, inner strength, and overall well-being.

The color lavender is known to represent femininity, gracefulness, and innocence. When combined with the properties of rose quartz, this stone is a powerful combination for activating your heart chakra and promoting self-love. It can help to open you up to receiving unconditional love from others. Furthermore, this quartz also allows us to gain a better understanding of our emotional needs and facilitate healing in the heart.


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