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Herkimer Diamond Ear rings

Herkimer Diamond Ear rings

Herkimer Diamonds are all about big vibrations and this is what earns the gem the name ‘the stone of attunement’. Not only do these high vibrations work to clear out blockages, guide you in the right direction, and help you find a home in your body, but they also raise your spiritual awareness. From nurturing visions to tapping into clairvoyant capabilities, here are all the benefits of bringing the healing energy of the Herkimer Diamond into your life.


Like all healing crystals, the Herkimer Diamond will get to work on your body, mind and soul. When it comes to physical health, the high frequency of this stone can help sort cellular disorders and imbalances in the body. This diamond amplifies and speeds up healing, helping the body to eliminate toxins, and encouraging healing circulation. From migraines to motion sickness, the Herkimer helps you to get back on track.


These amazing ascension stones brim with emotional healing energy. Being a gem committed to ideas of balance, spiritual leaping, and self-actualization, the Herkimer Diamond helps to clear the body and the mind of any repressed fears, toxic thoughts, and negative feelings. It invites you to find your sense of serenity and to sink into that so that in your relaxed state you can learn to let go and to draw in the energy you need. As a stone of clear clarity, it also helps you to see clearly and to better understand your motives and direction.

Metaphysical properties

The spiritual world is where the Herkimer Diamond truly shines. This glorious amplifier gem connects to the crown chakra, the third eye, and the heart chakra but can be used with all chakras too. It helps to remove blockages, clears out stagnant negative energy, assists with astral traveling and helps to connect you to your spirit guides. It also taps into clairaudient abilities inviting you to lean into past life information and glimpse the pathways that will be set before you. This ethereal stone is connected to the divine and when used in a grid with a larger diamond it is believed that this can create dimensional doorways.


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