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Goldstone Fairy

Goldstone Fairy

Ever ready to revitalize your mind, refresh your body, and call your spirit into serenity, the Goldstone doesn’t cut corners when it comes to healing. There are so many elements at play within this gem - from the energy conductor of copper to the reflective gaze of glass, the might of iron, and the earthy shades that tether us to the here and now - all these aspects add to Goldstone’s healing nature and positive energy too.

Goldstone varieties 

There are several different varieties of Goldstone out there and each brings its own healing traits to the party. Whether sunset hues or cool vibrations, here are some of the ways in which different shades of Goldstone have got you covered. 

Green Goldstone - Unblocks the heart chakra, strengthens your commitment to self-care.
Blue Goldstone - Ideal for empaths as it helps clear throat chakra blockages so you can implement boundaries. Also soothes hypersensitive natures and encourages self-acceptance.
Brown Goldstone - Rich and earthly, the Brown Goldstone awakens the sacral chakra, encourages positive flow, kicks out negative energy, and revitalizes the body.
Red Goldstone - Confidence and ambition flow with the Red Goldstone. Infused with passion and drive, this shade of stone reminds you to go out and get it.

A divine detox stone, this gem is here to renew your spirit, body, and your mind. Goldstone is a great booster for the body as it encourages healthy circulation and tissue regeneration too. It can also sharpen the mind and turn up the dial on those low energy levels. The added benefit of copper being very present in Goldstone also means you get those healing properties too. Copper is known for fighting inflammation and supporting the body’s natural healing process too.

Mental & Emotional Healing 

Even though Goldstone is known to be a gem of ambition and drive, this doesn’t mean it’s all about burnout. Goldstone seems to intuitively know that the way you get to great success is through harmony, calm, and perfect patience. It’s a stone that helps big emotions to stabilize and optimism flow through. Being a kind of glass also means that Goldstone has reflective properties too. It helps you to see yourself clearly and to use that knowledge to make choices that benefit you in all the best ways. Goldstone keeps you grounded all while inviting vitality to fill your cup. Goldstone is also known for encouraging generosity, joy, confidence, courage, and better risk evaluation too.

Metaphysical Properties 

As Goldstone rouses your sense of joy and courage, it means that you can let your heart be wide open when it comes to manifesting the life that you desire. When we are tuning our energy to positivity, this means that we can attract the same thing from the universe. Goldstone not only preps us for great success but on a spiritual level, it surrounds us with good vibes and positive power. It keeps us protected as we are able to bounce back any negative energy thrown our way. Goldstone works on several chakras. It’s a grounding stone which means it secures our root chakra and gives us a sense of safety and stability. It also brings vitality to the sacral chakra which encourages our creativity, drive, and playful passion.

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