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Fire Quartz Tumbles

Fire Quartz Tumbles


Quartz is well known for being able to amplify, store, and direct the flow of energy. The amplification aspect is extremely useful. It can amplify our intentions, so using Clear Quartz during intention setting rituals, moon phase ceremonies, and while creating vision boards will give extra power for those intentions to grow and manifest. Clear Quartz spiritual properties can be combined with other gemstones to amplify their effects. If you really need “extra” of what a crystal provides, pair it with Quartz for an additional boost.

Quartz is an amazing cleanser for our energy, aura, chakras, and physical body. It helps to raise our personal vibration and dissolve blockages that are creating imbalances. This stone inherently knows what we need to be Whole and works to correct the source of illness. The amplification property works especially well for healers as it can boost the effective of the treatment. I use Clear Quartz whenever I am working with Reiki clients to enhance the power of the Reiki energy.

Clear Quartz is a gemstone that amplifies our energy, intentions, and intuitive abilities. Combined with the streaks of Hematite that creates the flame effect, this stone helps us remain clear and focused while we perform meditation and energy work. It helps create strong, specific intentions and amplifies our abilities to manifest them into reality.  This crystal helps fan the flames of our motivation and determination to help us achieve our dreams!

Physical Healing Benefits of Fire Quartz

Clear Quartz is said to help with the healing process in general, so if you are ill, or recovering from an injury or surgery, carrying Quartz with you will enhance the healing process

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