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Charoite Sterling Silver Earrings

Charoite Sterling Silver Earrings

Charoite is understood to have a number of metaphysical properties, including the ability to transform negative feelings into positive deeds and having healing attributes. People often use the stone to facilitate some sort of transformation in their lives and to awaken qualities such as spiritual strength, courage and self-confidence.

The healing powers of charoite can be experienced both mentally and physically. In today’s world, almost all of us are constantly bombarded with demands and responsibilities, leaving little time for self-care and reflection. If you’re looking for something to help you reignite your positive energy, charoite could be just the thing. It has many more restorative powers for your emotional and mental state, including:

Helping you open your mind and heart to healing energies while letting go of the negative

Allowing you to live as authentically as possible

Helping empaths and healers to re-energize and better support themselves and others

Achieving a balance between giving of oneself to others and maintaining boundaries

Facilitating reflection – looking back at your past self with compassion

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The area where charoite was first discovered has borne many hardships and continues to experience some of the most severe weather extremes on Earth. The purple stone has also become a symbol of comfort and endurance in the face of those trials, with many people using it to help prevent spiritual fatigue and burnout.

Charoite is also a powerful tool for cleansing your chakras, especially the higher ones, such as the heart, third eye and crown chakras. Removing blockages from those particular energy points is what opens us up to healing and receiving positive energy. When it comes to the third eye chakra, charoite can help you be open to wisdom, while the crown chakra boosts your connection to others and the universe.

In addition to these properties, this remarkable stone can be used when people want to adjust to higher frequency vibrations and become more grounded


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