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Angelite Raw Piece

Angelite Raw Piece

Angelite is a lovely blue stone with a peaceful energy that is calming and soothing. They are extremely helpful healing crystals for you to have in your collection.

Many people choose to use it is because it both aids you to connect with angels, and in a number of people may stimulate the birth of psychic gifts, and aid channeling and mediumship.

They will benefit you in a number of ways including to assist you to make contact with spirit guides. Like many blue stones they are also strong communication stones.

The tranquility of the Angelite meaning will quiet the spirit so you can surrender to a more vulnerable state. This sense of openness and humility allows you to ask your angels for the help you need and to be receptive to the answers. Did you detect an underlying signal in the song that’s playing on the radio? Did you have a conversation with someone who inadvertently gave you the perfect advice on a situation you’ve been struggling with? Did you experience a sudden scent in the air that reminded you of someone you were just thinking about? Angels send messages in many different ways and often when you least expect them. Angelite helps you to recognize these subtle messages from your angels.

When you tune into the angelite healing properties, you feel your angels’ divine love and remember that you are not alone. Even in your darkest hour, you can call on Angelite for support. With its soothing and nurturing blue color and energy, this crystal reminds you that there is always someone to reach out to—in both the physical and invisible worlds. It connects you to your support system. Reminiscent of an angel’s wings, Angelite properties help open up your lung space to unite you back with your breath. By connecting with your breath, Angelite invites you to find within the feelings of love and support that you are looking for outside of yourself. Angelite helps you come home to yourself and feel the presence of your angels, so you will never feel alone again.


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