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Ajooba Jasper Point

Ajooba Jasper Point

Ajooba Jasper is a stone with one of the most captivating appearances. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, this stone has spiritual value - as it feels like having a friend by your side. The comforting energy radiating out of this crystal can transform your space, turning it into somewhere you’ll thrive.

With a deep brownish color and distinctive markings, this stone is instantly recognisable. It’s a great addition to any earthy tones that make up our calming spaces.

Ajooba Jasper Spiritual Meaning

Known as the nurturing stone, Jasper crystals can be incredibly gentle on the energy in your space. This can be incredibly beneficial for those who have recently gone through something tough, such as a breakup or burnout.

If you’ve ever felt like you need someone to simply say “it’s okay”, this is the stone for you. Ajooba Jasper crystal's benefits can be felt throughout your practice, as the calmer space it provides makes you more open to newer, more positive energy.

Ajooba is there to support you through times of stress and hurt, while letting you enjoy your better headspaces.

On top of this, Ajooba can strengthen your connection with the earth while aiding those who are in physical pain, especially surrounding the stomach.

How Should I Use Ajooba Jasper

Given its emphasis on calming effects, we love sitting quietly with this stone, enjoying its nurturing energy. Ajooba Jasper’s benefits are great for those who simply need to take a moment away from their daily lives.

Overall, this crystal is highly focused on one essential aspect of our lives: calm. As the nurturing stone, it aids us in appreciating what we have, so we aren’t as anxious about what we don’t have. It’s a great addition to any collection and can make a real difference in our daily lives.


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