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Abalone polished shell

Abalone polished shell

This listing is for a piece of an abalone shell. They are approximately 20-30mm (though they do vary widely)

Abalone shells have been used throughout history in ceremonies in many cultures. Not only beautiful, they are believed to promote a calm and peaceful demeanor, even in stressful and difficult situations. They allow us to focus on the beauty within all things as the light shines from many layers of the shell. A wonderful companion that can hold sage, these shells also promote compassionate communication and harmony. 

We are able to offer them for your pocket, a display, under a pillow or just as a lovely companion. 

You will receive ONE of the shell pieces shown. Please DO NOT ask for a specific one. They are happily back in a bowl together. Please know that we will gladly intuit one for you- and we believe that the stone always finds the person!

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