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6 Crystals to Aid in Communicating With Your Angels

Crystals are marvelous for transmuting energy, clearing the aura, and healing trauma from this life and the lives before. But one of the most powerful and potent utilizations some crystals have is the ability to reach and communicate with your angels, spirit guides, and ancestors.

The high frequency of particular crystals reaches beyond the vibration that our human form can reach and into that of celestial, divine beings. 

Crystals & Angels

We are able to receive guidance, comfort, and healing from crystals because of their geometric structure that creates a high vibration. Like angels, crystals embody the highest blueprint of divine perfection. In Stones of the New Consciousness, Robert Simmons writes 

“ Crystals pattern of structure and behavior are much more orderly than ours and closer to the Divine originating forms. Crystals are like angels, faithful “messengers” of the Divine word…”

The vibrational and geometric patterns carry divine messages into physical form and therefore can anchor and manifest relationships that we can build with our angels. Here are some of the best crystals that help do so.

Amethyst: The Divine Connector for Angelic Realms

Crystals always have access to their greatest potential and will allow you to communicate with your angels, but you have to be ready to.

To be able to hold space for this spiritual space, Amethyst is there to support your third eye and unblock limiting beliefs that have kept you out of touch with your guides. 

It also raises the vibration of the crown chakra so that you are able to download, feel, and even hear messages that are of the highest good directly from the spiritual realm. 

Angelite: Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Guardian Angels

For the strongest angelic connection, the angelite makes the leap to greater consciousness a comfortable and blissful experience. The energy of this crystal oozes divinity and clarifies messages on behalf of our angels.

Angelite crystal is also a great invitation to call in our angels and the messages they have for us. It clarifies and purifies all intentions and sets the stage for a high-vibrational conversation with angels.

Selenite: Amplifying Your Spiritual Awareness and Clarity

Soft and soothing, Selenite will help balance chakra and make you an aligned vessel prepared for a celestial experience. Selenite is powerful in cleansing an environment and making other crystal energies more potent.

Kyanite: Aligning Your Energies for Clear Angelic Messages

Kyanite dispels negativity, dark energy and restores a yin-yang balance. It helps with understanding messages from angels which can sometimes be confronting and straight-forward.

Kyanite allows us to receive everything through love, understanding, and awareness while also protecting our energy and the experience as a whole.

Apophyllite: Enhancing Intuition and Connecting with Higher Realms

Apophyllite is a well-known angelic stone. It stimulates the penial gland (third eye) and can intensify inner visions and clarifies a cerebral experience. It aids in upward travel and is said to vibrate within the range of the soul star or eighth chakra-one that is almost impossible to access on our own. 

This crystal will infuse your body with higher vibrations and can lead to a transformative spiritual awakening.

Kunzite: Opening the Heart for Angelic Love and Communication

Your angels will answer questions, offer guidance, and impart healing. But the most powerful emotion to be experienced when using crystals to communicate with your angels is LOVE. Restorative, transformative love can be intense and potentially hard to experience if you haven’t felt much love in the earthly realm.

Kunzite helps transmute and carry that love so that you can perfectly and sufficiently benefit from it. It is a soft crystal that cradles you through the connection with a divine being.

Combining Crystals for Enhanced Angelic Communication

Elevating Your Spiritual Practice with Angelic Crystals

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