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Spiritual Conference!!

3 GOLDEN TICKETS! Do you want one?

Don’t miss this EPIC Event in Solihull - 3rd February


Do you want to have a fun Spiritual day out?

We will be doing a meditation and a group healing, making wish jars so that you can set your intentions and take the energy home with you! Creating vision boards so you have a clear view of what you want and where you are heading.

I’ll be sharing a workshop on how to use crystals for abundance, prosperity and how to truly help you create the life you desire!

There will be group card readings and sooo much more!!

A fun day of interactive workshops with a spiritual twist, masterclasses, goal setting, crystal class, building connections with like minded people and feeling motivated to take on the world!

You will leave the conference floating on air, with big plans buzzing round your head and the confidence to make them happen!

Make your future self proud and invest in you! Back yourself for once and never look back!


It’s time to do something for you and put you first!

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I’m going to show you that you are the creator of your story and your story can be awesome!


It’s going to be AMAZING!


Only 3 golden tickets available

Once you have booked your place message me and I’ll put you in to the exclusive YOU! Facebook group.

Where you can get to know the other ladies coming on the day.

Bring a friend and receive a £10 gift or come on your own, I’ll be there to meet you and welcome you!

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There will also be Crystals there on the day for you to browse and buy.

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