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Snow Quartz rough piece 3-5cm

Snow Quartz rough piece 3-5cm

Snow Quartz is the name given to a form of opaque white coloured Quartz, a silicon dioxide mineral. It can also be called Milky Quartz, although this can often be less opaque in appearance.

The frequency of Snow Quartz connects to all of the chakras, with a strong connection to the crown chakra. It opens and cleanses all whole of the chakric column and helps to align one’s subtle bodies allowing for the free flow of energy throughout one’s energy fields.

It supports one so that one’s consciousness is open to receive guidance from the higher dimensions and allows one to be able to “see the bigger picture” and not get caught up in trivial, everyday issues.

During meditation this snow white type of Quartz allows one’s consciousness to become focussed and to have clarity and purity of thought.

The gentle, soft, feminine energy of Snow Quartz supports one energetically so that one is able become balanced and centred.

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