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Smoky Quartz Pebble

Smoky Quartz Pebble

Smoky quartz is known to assist with improving overall wellbeing, the release of unwanted emotional baggage, surrendering old wounds, stability and grounding. It is known to connect us deeper with the Earth.

This unique crystal has a background in more than one culture and country, but it is the national gem of Scotland. It reoccurs frequently in Celtic lore and legend, with a specific connection to the Druids. Smoky quartz was used by the Druids to deepen and solidify their connection to the spirit realm and to nature.

Benefits And Healing Properties Of Smoky Quartz

As mentioned above, smoky quartz is an incredible stone for grounding. In addition to the many healing properties of the quartz family, smoky quartz is known to dispel negative energy, detoxify the body and energy field from lower vibrations, protect the body from radiation and heal digestion issues.

It can assist us in relieving the symptoms of depression, anxiety and bringing a sense of calm and serenity into our beings. It can also help with improving communication, manifesting dreams into reality and bringing about improved intuition. It is no wonder this crystal is an all-time favourite of most crystal lovers, its benefits and healing properties stretch far and wide.


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