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Self Confidence Crystal Kit

Self Confidence Crystal Kit


Carnelian has been used for centuries as spiritual talismans for power, bravery, and boldness. It is believed to promote eloquence and confidence in speech, allowing a doubtful person to overcome their self-consciousness and fear.

Carnelian is said to stand among the most effective crystals for confidence, engaging with the root, sacral, and heart chakras. When these chakras are brought into balance, you will feel grounded, confident, and full of self-love. Whether you’re going on a first date, making a speech at an important event, or embarking on a daunting journey, carnelian should be your constant companion.

Tigers Eye

The rich golden hues of tiger’s eye are certainly pleasing to look at, but they symbolise far more than beauty. Tiger’s eye is believed to engage the crown chakra, enhancing mental clarity and honing focus. If you are often plagued by thoughts of self-doubt and fears of failure, tiger’s eye will bring you back to reality and allow you to perform unhindered by negativity.

Tiger’s eye is regarded as one of the best crystals for self-confidence, dispelling irrational fears and drowning out self-criticism. It is a great stone to keep on you at all times, but especially useful during times of great personal challenge when your confidence is running low.


This magnificent stone is prized for its shifting blue and white patterns, and it is laden with healing properties. It is believed to enhance your innate human intuition, guiding you with certainty in the face of daunting challenges.

Sodalite’s remarkable effect on emotional balance and intuition makes it an ideal confidence stone, granting you an improved sense of self-assurance and stability. It is also believed to assist with physical ailments by boosting the immune system and helping you get good quality sleep. If you are battling to make a difficult decision that is causing you stress, sodalite will help you break through those conceptual boundaries and act with self-assurance.

Red Jasper

Red jasper is characterised by its remarkable ability to evoke courage, build inner-strength, and guide decisions with wisdom. It acts powerfully on the root chakra, grounding you in the present and providing a granite-strong foundation for you to face life’s many challenges with confidence.

Ancient shamanic practitioners are said to have worn necklaces and other adornments made of red jasper to strengthen their connection to the Earth and their people. It is a powerful stone for guidance and strength of will.

Rose Quartz

While this popular crystal does not directly act on confidence, it is a potent vector for self-love, which is an important element of confidence. If you struggle to love yourself, you will likely struggle to feel confident in your choices or your ability to achieve your goals. Rose quartz activates the dormant vestiges of the heart chakra, directing love energy inwards and healing old wounds.

The restorative and nurturing presence of rose quartz is incredibly beneficial for building self-esteem, allowing you to act with gentle certainty, and reminding you to practice self-care. Rose quartz is a complimentary force among other crystals for confidence, and its potency should not be underestimated.


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