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Ruby in zoisite flame

Ruby in zoisite flame

While ruby zoisite is often associated with psychic abilities, it provides a range of metaphysical properties and healing powers. Here are three of my favourite examples of ruby zoisite benefits.

Spiritual Development 

Ruby zoisite has a strong spiritual nature, so it’s a brilliant crystal for spiritual development. Whether you want to enhance astral projection skills, deepen your meditation practice, or have more success with past life work, ruby zoisite is one of the best stones to use.

There are several reasons for this. The most important is that ruby zoisite is a crystal that energises the Crown Chakra, which is vital for psychic abilities. Green zoisite also encourages inner growth, while red ruby inspires passion – a key combination for progressing with any type of practice.

Along with developing intuitive skills, ruby zoisite can also make it easier to communicate with guides and Angels

Ruby zoisite is the Stone of Courage and Strength. It helps you to face fears and stand up for yourself, even when you’re feeling vulnerable.

Being affiliated with the Root Chakra and Heart Centre, ruby zoisite also grounds you to the present moment, while offering loving support. This reduces anxiety, giving you the confidence to tackle big goals and make difficult decisions.

Vitality and Energy

If you need a boost in energy and positive feelings, then ruby zoisite is a wonderful crystal to add to your collection.

There are many reasons for feeling lethargic or unmotivated. Being weighed down by other people’s opinions is a common example, especially if you often feel the need to “people please.” Green zoisite balances the Heart Centre, which cultivates a positive outlook and reduces external pressure from those around you.

Ruby is also an energising crystal. The spiritual ‘heat’ it generates helps to disperse emotional blockages that lead to a lack of energy. This stone also increases the chi (life force) in your body, helping you to overcome exhaustion. 

With the combination of these two energies at your fingertips, you’ll soon get back to your buoyant self.

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