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Raw Fire Quartz

Raw Fire Quartz

Stone Personality: dynamic crystals, amplifies the properties of quartz along with the grounding and balancing properties of hematite

Emotional Properties: stabilizes our emotions, heals old wounds, removes negativity and changes it into a positive and pure universal light of love, balances our body, mind and spirit, boosts self confidence and self worth, brings a clarity and understanding to our emotions, calms anxieties, panic and hysteria

Mental / Intellectual Properties: grounds scattered behavior,improves focus and concentration, good for short attention spans, ADD and ADHD, helps complete projects

Physical Properties: energizes our body, heals blood disorders, boosts our immune system, stimulates healing, strengthens our liver and kidney functions, cleanses toxins, stimulates our entire energetic system

Psychological Properties: lessens addiction, stabilizes addictive personalities

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