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Purpurite helps to alleviate problems with wounds, cuts bruises, excessive bleeding, pulse rate, high blood pressure and other blood circulation and oxygenation problems, heart palpitations, adverse effects of radiation from any source, sunburn, acidity of the stomach or urine, increased absorption of nutrients.

Purpurite is a rejuvenating stone, it energises the physical and mental bodies, overcoming tiredness and despondency on all levels.

Purpurite facilitates the incorporation of more electromagnetic energy into the body. It stimulates brain function and can help repair brain damage by building electromagnetic bridges between neurons.


Purpurite encourages those who have self imposed limitations or self effacing tendencies to become more proactive. It reduces victim and martyr complexes and also calms panic attacks.

This stone helps in releasing stress and calming the nerves. It helps to let go of worry and anxiety and walk with grace through the storms of life.

Purpurite is a stone of freedom. It allows you to see the psychological barriers that keep you chained to the secure yet deadening routines of daily life, and it gives you the inspiration to break free. This stone teaches you to love the unknown and to be at home in an indeterminate future. It helps you to find the courage to leave behind your familiar sense of self and to seek the spiritual promise of a greater identity, which you can feel, even when you have no clear concept of what that entails or whether you will be able to find the means of comfortable survival along that path.

Purpurite is a stone that encourages you to feel free to speak out. It gives you the confidence in your abilities to verbalise your thoughts clearly.

If you have been aware of any self-destructive situations, that may be limiting your personal growth, this stone helps to clear these problems.

Purpurite will give you confidence, freedom and clarity of speech. If you are doing public speaking this stone will benefit you, as it encourages your thoughts to be clear and focused. It helps you to deliver the information that others require and to speak with confidence. It may create a feeling of accord with those you are speaking to, and will bring spiritual information through where needed.


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