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Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian

providing both protection and grounding prowess, mahogany obsidian delivers strength when you are really in need. Additionally, this also relieves tension, gets rid of blockages, as well as boosts growth on overall levels. You may also work with the mahogany obsidian if you want to repossess your own power. Furthermore, this stone is also a stone of reflection –it helps in showing us what really needs our attention in this certain moment, while assisting with self-confidence and self-acceptance. The mahogany obsidian is frequently used in aiding in the process of decision-making. This stone also allows us in making significant changes in most of the challenging areas of life.

Mahogany obsidian has meaning and properties of aiding you in performing your real ability. This is also a beneficial gems tone to release the hidden energy that is sleeping inside of you. You can use it when you have a goal that you wish to achieve. Furthermore, this is frequently used as well in healing negative energies. This gem may also be beneficial in bring you back peaceful and calm everyday life.

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