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Lepidolite Tumble

Lepidolite Tumble

Lepidolite clears electromagnetic pollution and should be placed on computers to absorb the emanations. Lepidolite dissipates negativity, activates and opens the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras. It clears blockages and brings cosmic awareness. This stone aids in shamanistic or spiritual journeys.
​Employ it to overcome economic slumps, personally or in business, as it helps you maintain equilibrium even when the marketplace is acting like a roller coaster with funds It can help you maintain a positive outlook when financial markets are unstable.

It has a detoxifying effect and stimulates the purification process in the skin and connective tissues. Assists with nerve related disorders such as nerve pain and boosts the immune system.
Lepidolite locates the site of disease. Placed on the body over an area of disease, it vibrates gently. Lepidolite eases allergies, restructures DNA, and enhances the generation of negative ions. It relieves exhaustion, epilepsy and Alzheimers. Lepidolite numbs sciatica, neuralgia and overcomes joint problems. It is excellent for menopause symptoms especially as crystal water. ​
The lithium contained within lepidolite holds the power to rebalance brain function and neurological functions. This stone is beneficial for depression and mental illness stemming from mood swings. Use this stone while in the process of healing neurological associated diseases.
It can energetically curb hyperactivity and/or attention deficit disorder. It is an excellent stone for sleep disorders, including insomnia due to stress or worry, or nightmares.

Lepidolite protects you from outer influences and helps you to preserve your own space in crowds. it bestows calm and inner peace and helps with sleep disturbances.
Lepidolite has soft nurturing energies that connect to your inner being to help you love yourself. 
Meditating daily with lepidolite will assist you in weight loss, alcohol dependency, smoking or drugs where these act as a mask for unhappiness. This stone encourages feelings of independence from all forms of neediness. 
​It detoxifies emotions, bringing calm and reducing dependency on others for emotional wellbeing. It is soothing for personality disorders, psychosomatic and psychological illnesses.
It helps to overcome emotions that restrict you from doing what you really want in life. 
​​Lepidolite calms fear, releases fears one at a time for you to view and let go. It opens and clears old outmoded fears, heals damage from psychic attacks, and protects against psychic draining.
Pink lepidolite opens and releases pain and suffering layer by layer. This stone facilitates calm, acceptance, trust. It heals fear at its source in this or past lives.
Lepidolite carries the vibration of lithium, which is used medically to balance the emotions and limit or eliminate extreme mood swings. With this stone in hand, open your heart to love, feel the nurturing vibration and restore balance in your life.
Lepidolite assists you in finding a strong emotional centre, unaffected by the dramas and events of your external experience. It helps balance the emotions and prevents extreme emotional shifts. It is an excellent stone for those with excessive worry or fear.

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