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Indigo Gabbro Mushroom

Indigo Gabbro Mushroom

Gabbro is one of the very swiftest stones to helps awaken your intuitive and psychic abilities. It is also named Mystic Merlinite for its powerful ability to enhance magical abilities and ritual work. It helps to deepen meditation dramatically and allow you to fall into deep trance states. It quickly opens the entire chakra channel from Crown to Root, but its deepest resonance is with the Third Eye Chakra. This stone is intimately in tune with all Elemental energies, so if you are doing meditations and rituals that are Element based, Indigo Gabbro is a powerful catalyst. Sleep with Gabbro for vivid, prophetic dreaming.

Indigo Gabbro spiritual properties connect one to their Higher Self. It highlights areas in need of change in our lives to attain our fullest potential. This stone enables us to face and process our Shadow aspects without fear or judgement. Gabbro helps release outdated karmic contracts and soul beliefs that are acting as barriers to spiritual growth. It is extremely useful for past life healing, as it gathers “broken” or “denied” pieces of our soul and connects them back to our Higher Self for incorporation back into the whole and healing. This enables us to love ourselves completely as we are. Gabbro supports learning life lessons and to recognize the silver linings of past events.

Also, Gabbro is an incredibly grounding stone that allows us to channel the energy of the Earth to create a protective energetic shield. Because Indigo Gabbro has such a swift and powerful influence on the deepest parts of our Soul, it also provides this protection to ensure we are not influenced, attacked or lost during our meditations, rituals, dreams, and altered states of consciousness. Grid Gabbro around your home if you are feeling there are negative or unwanted spirits that may be attracted by the amount of energy work done in your home or ritual space.

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