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Blue Aragonite point

Blue Aragonite point

It’s beautiful stone of hope that will assist you in becoming more compassionate in how you deal with other people. It will also help you relieve your stress.

When communicating with your spirit guides, Blue Aragonite’s energy will help you communicate more openly and accurately.

It will help you communicate with the spirit and allow you to feel calm and relaxed. You will be able to handle all your experiences calmly and stress-free, too.

This wonderful stone is a throat chakra stone that will support all types of communication, especially the communication that you receive from your spirit and from your spirit guides.

Blue Aragonite is also a strong stone of spiritual vision. It will bring more joy and optimism in your life, and it will provide healing to your emotions.

If you have faced difficult situations in the past where you were left emotionally wounded or traumatized, this stone will give you complete healing.

Just like Peridot, this stone will also allow you to fully embrace your experiences in the past and use them to learn your lessons, which will greatly benefit your present and your future.

When your healing process begins, you will experience a higher level of optimism. You will see all the beauty that life has to offer, and you will be more inspired to live in the present.

Blue Aragonite is also an excellent stone that will heal your inner child. Unresolved issues from your childhood will be addressed, and you will finally be able to let go of them.

It will also help you go more deeply into your inner awareness during meditation.


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