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Black Moonstone Point

Black Moonstone Point

If you are drawn to the darker, Black Moonstone, deep emotions buried within may wish to surface. It is very much a stone of the dark goddess. Black moonstone has an amazing energy. It brings in the Grandmother Moon Goddess energy that connects with the ‘Maiden-Mother’ energy, protecting and nurturing. It is a great protector and guide when spirit walking or  When you work with black moonstone in sync with the moon’s cycle, it helps to cut through your internal layers, shedding light on the thoughts and patterns you need to let go of in order to pave your pathway to greatness. It also has a gentle protective and grounding energy that is not as prevalent in other types of Moonstone.

On the dark side of the moon there is a power equal to the light side of the moon that can be channeled to bring new projects into fulfilment. The spell craft of Calling down the Moon wether it be ‘Full Moon’ time or ‘ Dark Moon’ time is well known within the occult as the perfect juncture to use either the positive energy of the moon or the negative energy for ones undertaking. Black Moonstone is the perfect mineral for using on the dark side of the moon to work with the dark goddess energies within ones workings. Powerful healings with positive outcomes are just as often preformed during this time. This is the time for pathing the way to manifest your dreams, for ridding yourself of things that must be released and for accepting that which at the moment cannot be changed.

Sleep or meditate with your piece of Black Moonstone and dream of the life you wish and the way you need to go in order to get there.

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