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Anhydrite Specimen

Anhydrite Specimen

Anhydrite Metaphysical Properties

Anhydrite is a stone that is believed to promote acceptance of the physical body. It can allow conscious contact with the spiritual realm. It is also believed to enhance communication with the dead and allow out-of-body experiences to take place while still maintaining contact with reality.

This stone will promote connections with your spirit guides and guardian angels as it helps you in hearing them as well as drawing protection from them. It draws angelic protection to you and your home. Anhydrite also aids in channeling and can even enable you to speak with animals.

Anhydrite is also useful for people who have difficulty in coming to terms with incarnation and who long for the post-death state. It assists people in healing by allowing them to let go of the past and teaching them to accept what has happened.

Some believe that it can stabilize emotions by dispelling anger and restoring peace. Anhydrite facilitates a re-birthing process that transmutes pain into healing and understanding. It promotes empathy and compassion. Through and through, anhydrite is a healing stone.

Anhydrite Healing Properties

Some believe that anhydrite can help with disorders of the throat, especially those caused by difficulty in expressing yourself by reducing swelling. It is also believed that it can be used in combination with a good diet and medication to balance thyroid hormones. It is also believed that anhydrite can help cool the pain of sunburn when the stone is placed on the affected area.

Anhydrite and Chakras

Anhydrite is believed to stimulate the throat chakra and can be used when the throat chakra is out of balance. The throat chakra can be out of balance can be due to facing some political issues, being slow to respond to tasks, or resisting change. When using this stone, it can help manifest abundance in your life. When used to heal your throat chakra, it is believed this stone can help you speak up and live your truth.


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