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Do you want to join the Crystal Geeks?

Pop over and join us in our exclusive community!

If you love crystals this is for you and it’s suitable for beginners to those with an avid passion! 

Lots of weekly workshops, daily hints & tips, and secret sales and discounts!

I go live each week with different Crystal masterclasses including Crystal Grids, pendulums, Crystal Elixirs. Crystal pairings, Meditations, Crystal readings, shapes and their meanings and so much more!

Every thing is saved so you can watch it back at your leisure!

Canva Design (9).png
Canva Design (8).png

If you want to learn how to use your Crystals and maximise their healing then yo need to be in this group!

An Amazing community of like minded people who also share their own hints and tips on how they use theirs

Plus you receive special discounts and offers not available outside of this exclusive membership.

You receive over £500 worth of workshops each month.

You aren't tied in and can cancel at anytime... not that you would want to.

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