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Childrens Crystal Parties!

We will teach them how magical Crystals are and how to use them. We will immerse them in the enchanted world by showing different ones. They will make their own Crystal garden, take pics on the crystal selfie wall. Play games and take some of their very own Crystals home in a party bag! 


Magical Crystal Adventure


Children’s Crystal Parties £22 a head minimum 5 children  Includes games, crystal goody bag including their very own fairy garden or wish jar, snack and drink. Let us introduce your children to the magic of Crystals.


They will learn about the basics of Crystals, where they come from and why they are magic. They will get to hold and feel the different crystals and we will do some different techniques with them. Including calming techniques with crystals, connecting to crystals, cleansing crystals and more. We will then all make a crystal garden or wish jar together that they can take home!


💎 They can have picture on the selfie wall and everyone gets 20% off anything they want on the day!! What a unique birthday for your child and their friends!!


Message to enquire and book 🎁 Message us on Whatsapp 07369 284767 Here’s the link straight to our WhatsApp!

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